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Twin Cities Home Security has selected Protect America as their residential alarm monitoring business winner for last year.

Lee Arthur, senior editor for Twin Cities Home Security states, “Protect America is a valuable resource that helps homeowners protect their properties and keep the burglars away. Advanced systems like those provided through Protect America can substantially reduce theft and property crimes in our area.”

Arthur continued to say that while most Twin Cities residents believe their suburb to be a relatively safe place to live, FBI crime statistics state otherwise. According to Arthur, the national crime statistics show Minneapolis to have a crime index number of 5, meaning that Minneapolis is safer than only 5% of the other cities in the United States.

“Many of the home robberies that occur in the US happen because of the lack of a quality home security system,” said Arthur, “So while it’s important to get a real good system, it’s also important to most homeowners to get the best bang for their buck, to get an up-to-date system at the best price possible.”

Arthur said that the typical system comes with a couple of door sensors, multiple window sensors, a motion detector, a wireless control panel, an internal siren, one-button arming, window decals and a yard sign. Remote activation and deactivation features, cameras, heat sensors, water spill sensors and other options are available as well. is a free information website designed for residents of the Minneapolis and St Paul area. It offers advice about security systems and tips for choosing an alarm monitoring service. For more information, visit

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